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Pre - Conference - Wednesday, March 2

Conference - Friday, March 4 - Sunday, March 6, 2022

Where:Las Vegas

The CAPI (Consolidated Association of Pride, Inc.) conference brings together Prides and LGBTQ-serving organizations from across the western United States of America and Mexico. This annual gathering offers professional development workshops, opportunities to network, and intentional space to share resources and best practices in the hopes of strengthening Pride organizations and the broader LGBTQ movement.

We hope to see you in 2022!

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Happy Pride!

Past Conferences

March 2022 AGM Las Vegas, USA (Host Las Vegas PRIDE)

February 2021 AGM Cancelled

February 2020 AGM San Diego, USA (Host San Diego Pride)

February 2019 AGM Las Vegas, USA (Host Las Vegas PRIDE)

February 2018 AGM Austin, USA (Host Austin Pride)

February 2017 AGM Las Vegas, USA (Host Las Vegas PRIDE)

February 2016 AGM El Paso, Texas, USA (Host El Paso Sun City Pride)

March 2015 AGM Flagstaff, Arizona, USA (Host CSW & Flagstaff Pride)

March 2014 AGM Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

January 2013 AGM Palm Springs, California, USA

March 2012 AGM Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

March 2011 AGM Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

January 2010 AGM San Diego, California, USA

February 2009 AGM San Francisco, California, USA

February 2008 AGM Long Beach, California, USA

January 2007 AGM Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

January 2006 AGM West Hollywood, California, USA

August 2005 AGM Long Beach, California, USA

December 2004 AGM Phoenix, Arizona, USA

December 2003 AGM Tucson, Arizona, USA

February 2003 Mini Conference San Bernardino, California, USA

December 2002 AGM Palm Springs, California, USA

February 2002 Mini Conference Los Angeles, California, USA

December 2001 AGM Long Beach, California, USA

February 2001 Mini Conference San Diego, California, USA

December 2000 AGM Reno, Nevada, USA

September 2000 Mini Conference San Francisco, California, USA

February 2000 Mini Conference Tucson, Arizona, USA

December 1999 AGM Phoenix, Arizona, USA

September 1999 Meeting Oakland, California, USA

February 1999 Meeting Reno, Nevada, USA

December 1998 AGM San Francisco, California, USA

February 1998 Meeting Visalia, California, USA

December 1997 AGM Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Person of the Year

5x5 Man of the year 2020 CAPI.jpg

Past Person of the Year

 2020 - Gardenia Partridge (San Diego Pride)

2019 - Ron de Harte (Palm Springs Pride)

2018 - Bob Crow (Long Beach Pride)

2017 - Jorge Solorio (Las Vegas PRIDE)

2016 - Dave Castillo (El Paso Pride)

2015 - Ernie Yuen (Las Vegas PRIDE)

2014 - Doug Nava (Santa Fe Pride)

2013 - Paul Roark (awarded in Palm Springs)

2012 - Karen Bohlender (awarded in Las Vegas)

2011 - Dona Hatch (awarded in Albuquerque)

2007 - Mike Karim (awarded in Las Vegas) 

The Person of the Year award recognizes an individual who has positively contributed to the advancement of the LGBT movement and has gone above and beyond not only for their own pride, but for other prides and for the greater pride movement.

  • A candidate serves as a positive role model and encourages others by example.

  • Candidate’s conduct reflects CAPI’s mission (CAPI is dedicated to networking and serving as a role model in advancing the Pride of our communities.)

  • Candidate is an individual who stands out from others as an advocate and leader within the Pride community

  • Candidate goes above and beyond the normal call of duty

  • The individual nominated must be affiliated with an active CAPI member organization.


The Board reviews all nominations and announces the winner prior to adjourning the final day of the AGM.


of the Year

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