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Member Benefits

Join CAPI Today

Join our growing community of Pride organizations from Alaska to Hawaii and Texas to Montana by becoming a member of the Consolidated Association of Pride (CAPI).

When your Pride organization becomes a member of CAPI, it will gain access to several member-exclusive benefits and resources geared towards strengthening your organization and creating useful connections with other Prides in your region. With a CAPI Membership, your Pride organization will also receive a complimentary parade and festival entry with other member Pride organizations.

AGM and Conference

Attend our annual meeting and conference which offers professional development workshops, an opportunity to learn from and share with other member Prides, and network. CAPI members receive discounted registration fees.

Scholarship Program

Be eligible to apply for scholarship to help reduce the cost of attending the AGM and conference.


Learn from the best and help make your Pride better with mentorship and communication between other Pride members.

Promote Your Events

Have your festival and year-round events promoted through our site and communications.


Social Media Announcements

Have your announcements promoted to other members. We’ll even push promotions to Facebook.

Parade Entry

When hosting CAPI members at your home parade, member orgs will strive to: Offer free parade contingent entry to other CAPI member organizations.

Place CAPI member contingents in the first 25% of the parade to allow member organizations to tear down their parade contingent/float and get into the festival to staff their booth before the festival opens.

When participating in other CAPI members parades, member orgs will: Register for parade participation according to host CAPI member organizations requirements.

Follow host CAPI members rules and requirements when participating in their parade (e.g.: number of days advance registration/application, completing safety forms, obtaining appropriate insurance, etc).

Festival Entry

When hosting CAPI members at your home festival, member orgs will strive to: Offer free festival entry to CAPI member organization Board Members and Staff. Member orgs can offer additional free entry to volunteers, partners, children, etc at their discretion.

Offer a CAPI Member Booth at your festival that is open to all CAPI member organizations to staff, if CAPI member organization(s) give appropriate notice they will be attending/staffing.

When attending CAPI members festival, member organizations will: Give 30 days notice to host member organization that they will be staffing the CAPI booth and provide 30 days notice to host member organization of how many Board and Staff members will be requesting entry into the festival.

Join CAPI Today

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